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International Women’s Day – Honoring An Ethiopian Woman Who Rescues Older Adults

It is March 8, 2016, International Women’s Day.

There are amazing women (and men) on our planet. There are many whom we can honor – some are known, others are silently making contributions to advance humanity.

Last night I read a Help Age International article about Assegedech, referred to as the Mother Teresa of Ethiopia. I felt it would be fitting to pay tribute to her on this special day.

Assegedech’s story is heart-warming and inspiring. It’s a tale of a generous, sensitive woman from humble origins who happened to inherit a large property. She noted in an interview that she was fortunate to have a good father and a compassionate husband, both of whom were open to caring for those with less. She’s been on her own for many years now… in a big way.

With the support of Help Age International Assegedech expanded her home into a compound which houses almost 90 destitute older adults. It is, in addition, a sustainable community. Assegedech empowers the residents  by offering them meaningful work in the gardens, if they are able. She keeps them active to their last days.  She offers them a life of dignity.

Photo and by-line from Help Age InternationalAssegedech smiles in her garden

Despite being in her 70s, Assegedech Asfaw shows no sign of slowing down.

Many blessings for Assegedech and all others who come to the aid of abandoned, frail, vulnerable elders on a daily basis. Photos of the Ethiopian seniors can be found in the link below. The full story is worth reading.

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