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International Coffee Day, September 30, 2017 – Is Coffee Good for Your Health?

I am neither a scientist, nor a physician. I am not a coffee expert.

What interests me (and probably you) is whether or not coffee is good for our health.

For a few years I stopped drinking coffee. I had read in a journal that coffee might create brittle bones. It may or may not be true. So for a while I drank alkalized water, and green tea, probably healthful alternatives.

But in recent years, traveling back and forth to Italy and around Latin America, I started drinking “macchiatos” or “cortados”. In San Francisco and Los Angeles I’ve been enticed by “Gibraltars”. Each of these treats are basically espressos with a little milk, miniature cappuccinos if you will. No sugar ever, no sweeteners of any kind. (Forgive me baristas, I do know there are subtle differences in the way you make each of the above coffees).

“Everything in moderation” was the mantra I kept in mind, and so I’ve continued.

On International Coffee Day I treated myself to an Illy Caffe from Italy – not organic, and not my favorite coffee. I still like Yemeni coffee best. But the Illy was wow!! The coffee cup and saucer in the photo below are part of a set gifted to me by sweet Norwegian neighbors, coffee lovers.



I did find an article about the possible carcinogenic effects of coffee roasting because of chemicals used. I’m assuming water processed coffee is still healthful. But I do not know. Nonetheless, there is legislation under consideration in the State of California to add warning labels to coffee bags and tins about possible carcinogenic effects from drinking coffee.

Here’s the article…

On the other hand, several articles speak to benefits – mainly increasing longevity, reducing the risk of stroke, reducing inflammation, boosting short term memory, helping headaches recede, and much more.

As I work in the areas of health and wellness with a focus on senior care, I’ve started to conclude that coffee, for those who enjoy it, and whose doctors have said it is okay to consume, might serve older adults well.

Articles about health benefits of coffee:


International Coffee Day web site is

The International Coffee Organization is located in London, England and its web site is  .



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