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Cotacachi Health Chapters, Ecuador End-of-Life Planning Discussion

On June 7, 2015 I had the pleasure of speaking to the Cotacachi Health Chapters group at Gran Hotel Primitivo about End-of-Life Planning for Norte Americanos. (Cotacachi is a charming Andean city 2 1/2 hours from Quito).

My hosts were community organizer Caroline Goering – a true delight – and a team of other amazing, supportive people – Dan and Janda Grove, Mike and Linda Munhall, and Bill and Ann Henry. What to do in case of a health emergency, especially if you don’t speak Spanish, is their focus.

Caroline introduces Wendy
Caroline introduces Wendy Jane Carrel
Cotacachi Health Group, June 2015
Cotacachi Health Group


school marm...
school marm…

We discussed physicians, who to call and why, transportation, the importance of having end-of-life documents prepared, attorneys and notaries, cremation options, and disposition of remains to North America.

Fortunately, bi-lingual nurse practitioner Mary Grover, a former Peace Corps volunteer, can be of service to the estimated 200 expats in the area. I introduced Mary to those who had not met her.

A special thanks to CHC for the invitation. I was exhausted by the time I arrived, but content to meet a group that understands the importance of planning ahead, just in case, when living abroad.

3 thoughts on “Cotacachi Health Chapters, Ecuador End-of-Life Planning Discussion”

    1. Hello Catherine and thank you for your interest and your studies. I am currently living on a palliative care/hospice corridor in Guadalajara and will be coming to Ecuador to address the University of Cuenca’s Aging Conference the last week in November. I shall miss you but do introduce yourself to Dr. David Small at FASEC, which is next door to SOLCA, the cancer hospital. I sat hospice for a Vietnam vet with no family during his last 10 days, it was an honor for me. Dr. Small is an ordained minister with a PhD in psychology. He would welcome your presence.

  1. They were extremely lucky to have you on hand to share your vast knowledge on the subject. A subject most don’t think about until they’re in the midst of a crisis, and desperately need answers.
    Bravo Ms Wendy, Bravo!

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